Our intelligent eligibility checker helps you understand whether a particular job and applicant are eligible for sponsorship via the UK’s Skilled Worker immigration route

We do this by asking you a few questions about the job and the applicant’s profile – it takes less than 5 minutes... We then check your answers against the requirements of the Skilled Worker route

Below are the main requirements, and what we'll do to help you find out if you meet each of them

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The role must meet the skill level requirement

You search for the job title – we’ll tell you whether it meets the requirement

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The role must pay a minimum salary

We ask you a few questions about yourself and the job and give you an exact minimum salary (we'll also tell you what the minimum salary would be in different circumstances)

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You must gain enough points in the UK’s ‘Points Based System’

Using what you tell us about yourself, we assess how many points you would get and whether you qualify

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You will need an offer of skilled work from a Licensed Sponsor

Although we can’t find you a sponsor, we can help you understand how the Sponsorship system works and how to communicate this to a prospective employer – this may help you convince an employer to sponsor you


The information shown to users of WhatVisa.com is intended to guide users through the various requirements associated with the UK’s Skilled Worker immigration route in general terms. Unless otherwise noted, all guidance and its application to characteristics inputted by the user stem directly from the UK’s immigration rules and official guidance published by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI).

If your case is unusual, you have criminal convictions or a negative immigration history, What Visa? may not be suitable for your needs. Instead, you may wish to contact a regulated immigration lawyer to discuss your case.

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