Without needing to read hundreds of pages of rules and guidance, we can help you…

Find out whether a role qualifies for a Skilled Worker visa
Determine the minimum salary for the role
Establish whether a current or prospective employee is eligible for a Skilled Worker visa
Make an application for a Sponsor Licence
Make an application to sponsor a migrant worker
Support your employee through the process of applying for a visa

Services for businesses that use the Skilled Worker route frequently...

“As an HR professional, being the middleman when it comes to immigration is really hard work. All too often I find myself simply passing information, questions and answers back and forth between the business and our immigration lawyers – it’s not a great use of my time or skills. We’ve tried upskilling line managers on the UK’s immigration system, but it’s complex and it changes frequently – I wish there was a way this could be streamlined and promote self-service by the business”

HR professional

We’ve all been there. A line manager asks HR whether it’s possible to get a visa for person X in job Y for salary Z. HR calls the immigration lawyer and relays the same question. The answer?

"Maybe – send us the details by email and we’ll have a look into it..."

HR sends over the details and 24-48 hours later, they get an answer (or requests for more information). This is then communicated back to the line manager, maybe 3-4 days after they first asked the question, by which point there’s a fair chance they’ve either decided they don’t want to proceed or else they’re annoyed it’s taken so long to answer a ‘simple’ question.

What Visa? fixes that. We guide your line managers and HR business partners through the process of performing an eligibility assessment – it takes 5 minutes and they’ll probably have the necessary information to hand. The result?

  • Your business stakeholders know whether an application is viable, the cost, and the timeframe, hours and often days earlier than they otherwise would if asking an immigration lawyer
  • You don’t get charged £000s by the lawyers for an assessment
  • You don’t have to play middleman!

What Visa? for Business also offers:

  • Unlimited assessments
  • Unlimited users within your organisation
  • Central reporting on assessments
  • Centralised billing

Coming soon!

  • Certificate of Sponsorship Preparation – draft a full CoS inside What Visa? with facilitated data requests to line managers and the applicant
  • Automated transfer of CoS data to the Sponsor Management System, avoiding the need for manual retyping of data
  • Interface directly with HRIS and provider systems

Please contact us for a discussion on how What Visa? can streamline your use of the UK’s immigration system

Without needing to read hundreds of pages of rules and guidance, we can help you…

Validate that you and your role are eligible for a Skilled Worker visa
Explain the process of sponsorship to your employer or prospective employer in an easy-to-understand way
See if your salary is enough to qualify for a Skilled Worker visa or calculate the minimum salary you need to look for in a new role
Support your employer or prospective employer with an application for a Sponsor Licence
Determine how many points you get in the UK’s new Points Based System
Make it easier for your employer to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship